Department of Machining and Assembly

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

About us:

The Department of Machining and Assembly deals mainly with machining of metallic and non-metallic materials, designing and metrology. It also focuses on the optimization of the cutting process in terms of the  cutting tool, the material to be machined and the cutting conditions in turning, milling, drilling and grinding. The research focuses on machine tools and processes, which he analyses in terms of machinability, optimisation and the use of process fluids.

Main professional focus:


Machining of classic metal materials

  • Evaluation of technological characteristics and reliability of cutting tools
  • Cutting conditions and their optimization in terms of a cutting tool and machined material
  • Technological characteristics of process fluids
  • Chip formation when machining an instrument with a defined cutting edge geometry
  • Surface quality and dimensional stability after machining

Machining of non-metallic and composite materials

  • Cutting conditions together with optimization of the machining process of non-metallic and composite materials
  • Process fluids for machining non-metallic and composite materials
  • Optimization of tools with defined and undefined cutting edge geometry
  • Surface quality and dimensional stability after machining of non-metallic and composite materials

Related processes

  • Analysis and design of production processes, their optimization, and modernization
  • Assembly procedures, their analysis, strategy, and optimization
  • Engineering metrology - dimensional characteristics, quality, and surface quality

Study programs:


Bachelor's degree programme

  • B0715A270008 – Mechanical Engineering

Master's degree programme

  • N2301 – Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical Engineering Technology and Materials
  • N0722A270001 – Plastics and Composites Technology

Doctoral degree programme

  • P0788D270002 – Technologies and materials