Laboratory of engineering metrology

Main goals and activities of the laboratory:

The Laboratory of Engineering Metrology has modern equipment for measuring the geometric properties of machine parts. The laboratory aims to create a range of comprehensive services, especially in measuring lengths and angles (1D, 2D, 3D). It is also equipped for accurate measurement of surface roughness parameters by touch method according to ČSN EN ISO 4287 and other standards. For non-contact measurement of surface roughness parameters, the laboratory is equipped with a confocal microscope and a 3D laser non-contact profilometer. Part of the offer is the analysis of the surface layer's properties by a digital Barkhausen noise analyzer. The laboratory is equipped with a thermomechanical analyzer for measuring the physical quantities of solids.

Laboratory of engineering metrology

The professional focus of the laboratory:

  • evaluation of surface roughness parameters and material fraction curves
  • non-destructive and rapid quality control and surface quality
  • non-destructive and immediate inspection of subsurface defects in ferromagnetic machine parts
  • measuring length dimensions by contact and non-contact method
  • measurement of plane and spatial angles by tactile and non-tactile methods
  • measurement of thermal expansion

Equipment and measuring systems:

  • Mitutoyo Surftest SV-2000N2 profilometer
  • KEYENCE VK-X1100 confocal microscope and 3D laser non-contact profiler
  • Barkhausen Noise Digital Analyzer MicroScan 600-1
  • Zeiss Prismo 5 coordinate measuring machine
  • thermomechanical analyzer TMA PT-1000LT
  • system for measuring the temperature during machining
  • Zeiss universal microscope
  • profile projector

Offered technologies and expert activities:


Measurement of lengths and angles

  • tactile measurement of length and angular dimensions of components up to a maximum size of 800 × 1200 × 500mm
  • non-contact measurement of length and angular dimensions of parts up to a maximum height of 100 × 200 × 300mm

Surface topography of machine parts (contact and non-contact surface quality measurement)

  • evaluation of parameters and surface roughness curves
  • analysis of the depth of the scratches event. other surface defects
  • accurate analyzes of complicated shaped surfaces
  • 3D measurement of surface roughness parameters (grooves, threads, gears, etc.) for metallic, non-metallic, and elastic components
  • analysis of the thickness of applied coatings

Analysis of the properties of the surface layer of machine parts

  • detection of faults and cracks
  • evaluation of the influence of material, machining technology, and cutting conditions on the properties of the surface layer
  • evaluation of anomalies caused by changes in residual stress, hardness, and microstructure